01-01G – Curv Glossy Black Sunglasses Smoke Lenses

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01-01G – Curv® – Smoke Lenses in Glossy Black Frame – Rider Sunglasses

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Curv Glossy Black Sunglasses

01-01G – Curv Glossy Black Sunglasses with Smoke Lenses and Glossy Black Frames – Rider Sunglasses

  • ANSI Z87.1 Safety Standard Impact Rated
  • Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lenses
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Black Frame in Glossy Finish
  • Smoke Lenses
  • Soft Carrying Pouch with Clip (Consumer orders)
  • Close, Comfortable Fit
  • Metal Curv® Logo on Left Temple

The Original Curv

The Curv Glossy Black Sunglasses with Smoke Lenses are part of the original Curv wraparound sunglass line that started a revolution!  After thoughtful consideration, we originally designed them specifically for motorcycle riding.  Since 1989, the perfect CURV design has been the choice of over a million riders!  And as their popularity grew, so did their uses.

Not Just for Riders!

Today, not only are these a favorite rider sunglass, fans buy extra pairs for many activities:  For instance, hunter and shooters love the different lens and frame colors, including camo.  People driving convertibles or just cars with the windows down find the design perfect wind deflection.  Additionally, tennis and other racquet sports players love the protection these ANSI impact rated, shatterproof lenses offer and their lack of sharp edges.  Furthermore, side-by-side or UTV riders appreciate Curv sunglasses for the same reasons that motorcycle riders do.  Also, farmers appreciate how they keep the dust out of their eyes in the fields.  Of course construction workers who are required to wear safety glasses appreciate the look and protection Curv sunglasses offer.  Even more, lots of customers buy extra pairs for mowing the grass!

The list of reasons people love Curv Sunglasses could go on and on!  As you can see, any time your eyes could benefit from the wraparound coverage and wind deflection of the Curv 01 series is a perfect time for a pair of Curv sunglasses!  We’d love to hear how you use them!

ANSI Rated as Safety Glasses

Even more, they are ANSI Z87-1 Safety Standard Impact rated.  Therefore, they qualify as safety glasses for any job or activity that demands a high level of eye protection.

Furthermore, Curv Inc owns the registered trademark and exclusive manufacturing rights for the authentic Curv brand.  And to top it off, we sell them at a price point that is easy on the budget.  Should you lose them, you’re not out hundreds, as with some glasses.

Curv Glossy Black Sunglasses with Smoke Lenses

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Curv Logo

CURV® The Riders Sunglass®  Quality eyewear at great prices since 1989.


Motorcycle Safety FoundationWant to take your riding skills to the next level?  Check out the Motorcycle Safety Foundation!

MSF offers excellent rider training classes nationwide.  Be Smart!  Ride Safe!

35 reviews for 01-01G – Curv Glossy Black Sunglasses Smoke Lenses

  1. Steve H.

  2. Anonymous

    Don’t ever quit selling these. My husband loves them!

  3. Jim (verified owner)

    exactly what I wanted. I have been wearing Curv glasses for years. I have purchased 10 pair so far. My favorites are the titanium frames with the blue lenses but I broke one side and cannot find this color anywhere. This style of glasses fits perfectly for motorcycle rides.

  4. Rob Rhodes

  5. Thomas

    Love these, have been wearing them for years but buying them from my local Harley dealer…SO GLAD I found this site bc they have them in stock and I didnt have to ride my Yamaha to the HD dealer lol

  6. James Sullivan

  7. Anonymous

  8. Dennis S.

  9. Anonymous

  10. Anonymous

  11. Anonymous

  12. Mel T. (verified owner)

    Excellent fit. Blocks the wind, stays put and protects my eyes even at more than “legal” speeds. No glare, good vision without squinting. This is my second pair in 10 years; will buy another just like them in another 5.

  13. Anthony Del Percio (verified owner)

  14. Dave S.

    Very pleased with the product

  15. Kenneth Zolper

  16. Bill (verified owner)

  17. David (verified owner)

  18. Samuel D. (verified owner)

  19. Eric (verified owner)

    Amazing glasses!

  20. Simon (verified owner)

  21. Mike R. (verified owner)

  22. Tina Keton

  23. Steve H.

    My fav glasses for riding

  24. Karen (verified owner)

    I had a pair of thesse glasses for more than 10 years, and just broke them. I was pleased that I could get them. They are VERY comfortable and effective. I wear contact lenses, and these glasses keep dirt from my eyes while riding my motorcycle.

  25. Patricia Schatz (verified owner)

  26. Scott H. (verified owner)

  27. James P. (verified owner)

  28. Irene Hooper

  29. Anthony Del Percio (verified owner)

  30. steven

  31. Shelia Youngblood

  32. Rodney

  33. James

  34. Michael

    Just what I was looking for.

  35. Janelle Lewallen

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