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Eyewear For Your Next Adventure!

Welcome to the home of CURV Sunglasses and SORZ Goggles! Curv Inc offers adventure sunglasses and goggles in many lens colors, frame colors, and ear pieces. Therefore, you can get your perfect combination. 

Not just for motorcycle riding and skydiving


Designed originally for motorcycle riders and skydivers,  CURV and SORZ are being worn for all sorts of activities.  For example, some of the many uses for these great sunglasses and goggles include:


  • For instance, hunters and shooters love the different lens and frame colors, including camo. 
  • Alternatively, people driving convertibles or cars with the windows down find the design perfect wind deflection. 
  • Additionally, tennis and other racquet sports players love the protection these ANSI impact rated, shatterproof lenses offer and their lack of sharp edges. 
  • Furthermore, side-by-side and ATV riders appreciate Curv sunglasses for the same comfort and protection reasons that motorcycle riders do. 
  • Also, farmers appreciate how they keep the dust out of their eyes in the fields. 
  • Of course construction workers who are required to wear safety glasses appreciate the look and protection Curv sunglasses offer. 
  • Even more, lots of customers buy extra pairs for mowing the grass!
  • Practically, when cutting onions at home, slide on a pair of CurvZ with foam windstops to seal your eyes and avoid the tears.
  • This list could go on and on.  People wear Curv glasses and goggles for so many uses!

Get another pair for your next adventure!



Get ready for YOUR next jump with SORZ goggles! Airtight Seal, 100% UV Protection, Rimless.


Soft Airy Foam for an Airtight Seal. Comfortable, Affordable, Quality, Shatterproof.
07-03 Blaze Yellow


From goggles that fit over the largest glasses to small, flat ones, we've got you covered!

$3.99 Flat Rate shipping on all consumer orders within the US.

We ship to consumers in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico for a flat $9.99.

We ship worldwide to international consumers for a flat $20.